General Booking and Contract Conditions with Planet Villas



VILLAS PLANET S.L., with registered office in C/ Mar i Estany , local A-B del Puerto de Alcudia, with Tax Identification Number: ESB-572648448, entered in the Companies Registry VOLUME: 2050 BOOK: 0 FOLIO: 1 PAGE: PM-46696 ENTRY No.: 1 

 In the name and on behalf of the PROPERTY in accordance with the authorisation in force granted by it.


The purpose of the present Booking Conditions is to regulate the contractual relationship between the HOLIDAY HOME OWNER (owner) and the USER (client.

VILLAS PLANET S.L. is not a contractual party, neither as owner nor as client, in the rental of the Property. VILLAS PLANET S.L. acts as a mediator and intermediary between the OWNER and the USER in the rental for holiday home use, subject to the 29/1994 Act of 24th November on Urban Leasing, especially and expressly in Heading I, article 3, point 2 or as Tourist Holiday Stay (ETV) subject to Decree 17/2006 of 17th February, which implements the 2/2005 Act of 22nd March, for the commercialisation of tourist stays in dwellings, for properties accredited with their licence number accordingly. 

VILLAS PLANET S.L. is a Registered and Authorized Company by the Balearic Tourism Ministry of Govern Balear about Touristic Houses (Holiday Vacations Rentals) accredited with the quality strategy IQT.
CR (Central of Reservas) CR/258
VTV (Vivienda Turística Vacacional) # EH/36 
ETV (Estancias Turísticas Vacacionales) CE/12


-       To be of legal age, i.e. at least 25 years old and have full legal capacity to enter into the contract.

-       To act completely freely, informed, on their own behalf and without any limitation.

-       To have an active e-mail account.

-       To provide the company VILLAS PLANET S.L. with all the data requested in the form, with the USER being the sole party responsible for the quality of the data entered by him/her and to accept the obligation to provide truthful, accurate and complete data regarding his/her identity and the reservation.


 In order to make a reservation you need to enter the search form and choose your arrival and departure dates, as well as the holiday location (optional).  

On some dates and for certain accommodation there may be a minimum night stay or obligatory arrival and departure dates. The system will notify you in these cases and you will not be able to continue without changing your arrival and departure dates.

To confirm your request, you will need to pay a deposit of 30% of the total rental amount. VILLAS PLANET S.L., allows users to pay said deposit in 2 ways:

Bank Transfer: you have 2 working days (48 hours) to make the payment, including as "Subject" the reference number of the property, e.g.: (1003) and the dates of the reservation, e.g. (from 01/01/21 to 15/01/21). Once receipt of the deposit payment is confirmed, you will receive provisional confirmation of the rental reservation.

Credit Card (virtual TPV): For your peace of mind, the transaction is performed via a bank payment gateway and this way your reservation will be immediately confirmed and a charge will be made against your credit card for the sum of the rental confirmation payment. Once the form is completed, press "send" to complete the process.  You will receive provisional confirmation of the rental reservation by e-mail.

Once 30% of the total amount of your reservation is received and approved, VILLAS PLANET S.L. will immediately send provisional confirmation of the reservation to the LESSEE by e-mail or by fax.

The remaining 70% of the total rental amount must be paid by the LESSEE via bank transfer 30 days before the arrival date at the property. Please enquire for other payment methods. 

If the remaining amount of the rental price (70%) is not paid by 30 days before arrival at the property, the reservation will be automatically cancelled and you will have to pay the pending amount.

Once 100% of the rental sum has been paid and approved by VILLAS PLANET S.L., a definitive confirmation of the reservation will be sent to the LESSEE.

Important: In the event that the reservation is made less than 30 days before the arrival date at the property, the full amount of the rental amount must be paid.

VILLAS PLANET S.L. reserves the right to cancel your request before sending the provisional confirmation and/or in the event of not receiving payment of the deposit or proof of the same within the time period stipulated in this section and in this event any amount already paid shall be immediately refunded.

CANCELLATION CONDITIONS (cancellation by the customer):

~ Up to 1 day before arrival and No show (no show): Refund of 10% of the total amount of the paid stay.
~ Free cancellation - refund of the payment made up to 31 days before arrival:
(€50 administration fee).
~ Free cancellation,
bookings made within 7 days before arrival.
~ Free cancellation,
up to 72 hours after booking (prepayment or one-off payment).
~ Free cancellation,
in case of force majeure due to government restrictions, health restrictions or airport closure.

In the event of Cancellations, change days or requests for changes must be made by the guest in writing by e-mail to VILLAS PLANET S.L. [info@VILLAS] and will always be subject to the availability and acceptance of both the property and VILLAS PLANET S.L.
VILLAS PLANET S.L. shall not accept any responsibility and shall not make any refund of any amount whatsoever in the event of delays in arrivals or unforeseen departures before the end of the leased stay.


Upon receipt of the keys, a sum of €300 (standard amount may vary by property) must be paid in cash as a deposit to ensure the return of the property and its contents in the same condition in which it was received, except for their normal wear and tear.

 The final amount of the deposit shall be refunded on the day of departure whenever possible and if not then within 7 working days from that departure date and any damages will be deducted and if this amount exceeds the deposit then you must pay the difference.


 Before the handover of the keys, the LESSEE must:

 1.  Show his/her ID Card/Passport, physically sign the Rental Contract (Definitive Reservation) and pay any pending amounts.

 2.  The rental that is freely agreed upon by both parties is listed in the Definitive Reservation, with this being for the entire rental period, payable before the handover of the keys, either by bank transfer 30 days before or in cash at the address of the LESSOR after prior consent from the LESSOR.

 3.  The total number of people allowed in each property is stipulated in the detailed description of the property and this maximum permitted capacity may not be exceeded under any circumstances. Infringement of this rule shall imply the automatic cancellation of the reservation.

 4.   The contract is valid only for the days defined therein (listed in the Definitive Reservation) and under no circumstances may the LESSEE remain in the property beyond the originally agreed period, without prior consultation and consent by VILLAS PLANET S.L.
The LESSOR reserves the right to inspect the condition of the property and its contents on a weekly basis, with the LESSEE being liable to the LESSOR for its condition and with the LESSOR being entitled to terminate this contract if there are any damages or modifications that affect them.

5.   It is detailed in the description whether the OWNER of the property accepts pets or not. Infringement of this rule, before or during the rental, means the automatic cancellation of the contract.


 1.   The aforementioned property is handed over in a proper level of use and maintenance and with proper living conditions and with its facilities and services in normal working condition.  The LESSEE must use the rented property with the diligence required of a reasonable person and at the end of the rental must vacate the property, returning it in the same proper level of maintenance in which it was found. The upkeep of the property is the responsibility of the LESSEE during his/her stay (except for properties that include cleaning in the price).  At the end of the stay, the property must be left in the same standards of cleanliness and order in which it was found. If not, an extra cleaning service may be requested, chargeable against the deposit. 

 2.   The LESSEE undertakes not to transfer in full or in part or to sub-lease the holiday property.  Nor may it use the property for any purpose other than that of holiday property. In the event that the LESSEE does not comply with this condition, the LESSOR/S may terminate the contract.

 3.  The LESSEE must treat the property with the due care and consideration of a reasonable person and shall be liable for any damages caused by him/her and/or any of his/her companions and/or guests during the stay, in which case they shall be compensated, charged against the deposit.

 4.   The LESSEE may not carry out any activities that are disturbing, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous, illegal or in contravention of the Owners Association Bylaws. The LESSEE may not store flammable, explosive or corrosive materials in the property and/or carry out any commercial or industrial activities or any others of any other kind in the property.   

 Important: Under no circumstances may the rented property be used for the organization of parties or events of any kind therein without prior written consent from the OWNER/LESSOR. In the event that it is necessary to call the police, VILLAS PLANETS.L reserves the right to evict the LESSEE from the property immediately.

 The violation of any of the aforementioned conditions implies the right to the immediate cancellation of the contract without the refund of any sum whatsoever (rent and/or deposit).


 -     The LESSEE undertakes to keep the accommodation clean, tidy and in the conditions in which it was handed over. The LESSEE also undertakes to follow any usage and maintenance instructions provided by the OWNER, to respect the rules regarding rubbish collection and to consume water, electricity, oil etc. reasonably.

 -     In the event that the LESSEE requests an extra cleaning service, he/she must notify this to VILLAS PLANET S.L. in advance and assume its cost. (It is recommended to give notice of this during the reservation process).

-     Each property has its own inventory that is checked by the OWNER/LESSOR prior to the rental.

-     Before departure, any additional costs not contained in the rental must be paid to the OWNER/LESSOR of the rented property, or in their absence to VILLAS PLANET S.L. Only what is listed in the online description shall be included in the total price.

-     Any possible claims regarding the conditions of the property must be immediately notified to VILLAS PLANET S.L. and/or the LESSOR of the property, within a maximum period of 3 days and before leaving the property.


-     The LESSEE must return the property and its contents in a reasonable state of cleanliness and without rubbish or waste inside. If the LESSEE does not, VILLAS PLANET S.L. shall charge for the cost of a cleaning service against the deposit.


 1.  If for any reason the OWNER/LESSOR of the rented property is forced to change substantial parts of this contract, the LESSEE shall be entitled to cancel it, with the immediate refund of his/her money, or to accept another property that VILLAS PLANET S.L. suggests as a replacement.

 2.  Under no circumstances are VILLAS PLANET S.L. and/or the LESSOR/S liable to pay damages to third parties and are totally free of any guilt or responsibility in the event that the LESSEE or his/her companions suffer any kind of accident during their stay in the property.

 3.  For any questions that may arise regarding the contract, the parties hereby waive any other jurisdiction to which they may have recourse and submit solely and exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts where the property is located.  


 Prices are expressed in euros and as a general rule including the relevant taxes, except for those properties that clearly indicate that taxes are not included.